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The anonymous album (Indian ink on paper, 10 x 7 cm)

The reconstructed Anonymous album responds to two questions: what if we had no past and what if we had no family photo albums.
The starting point of this work is the discovery, on a flea market, of a photo album (from the ‘70) showing the main social and family events on 3 generations. The silhouettes of our own existence appear; it is a series of 16 small paintings, acrylic and indian ink, a series of small visit cards tight between four "corner pictures" suggesting momentary and elusive breaths. Through the selection of the photographs (rhythm and life cycle), I freezed a second time the events of anonymous persons and redrew an archetypal family. It raises commun memories. Its photos convene the collective memory and try to hold life. The memory does not resurrect beings but transforms them into ghosts. Inseparable element of memory, the photograph out of a family album removes to time, its image through actions and faces from which it draws portraits which seem inaccessible to me.
After three years, during a show, the album found its first owners.

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