Irreverence Paris refused project


Featuring twenty artists from Liège around the theme of irreverence.
The show “Irreverence” passed through three cities: Paris, Liège and Strasbourg.

In Paris, at the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, during the Belgian governmental crisis (a year and a half without a government), I proposed to block the windows with sandbags. See simulation. The project was refused. During the opening, a medieval knight (appearing on the picture of Aux Arts etc.), hangs a reproduction of the project proposal and lies one sandbag from Liège on the floor.

In Liège, the organizers have used the structure of a previous show for the second part of the irreverent show. This structure consisted of 16 boxes for 16 artists. I blocked the access to my “stall”.

In Strasbourg, sandbags have protected a vulnerable point of the exhibition space, the starting point of a bearing pillar.

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