Les cracs des chevaliers, 2012. Audio-Video 31min44.

Les cracs des chevaliers

For half an hour, six young boys (age ten to twelve) from Abwein (north of Ramallah), pretend they are tourist guides. The castle of the village has become one of their playgrounds. The stories they tell are composed of fantasy and truth fragments. This time, it is the small one who writes the history and leads the adult.

Castle in Abwein (village situated 37 km north of Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine)
Story and history of the castle and surrounding area reported by six young boys from Abwein
Mu'az (12 years old), Mazin (10 years old), Nazir (10 and a half years old), Omar (10 and a half years old), Yasin (11 years old), Younis (12 years old).

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