The Interior Castle
Isabelle Neuray

Marie Zolamian has proposed for the park of the castle of Jehay an empty cage without a door seeming to trap air. Bronze colour, it would be a sculpture in itself, a goldsmith object.
Marie Zolamian is interested at this time to the mystical. She discovered Teresa of Avila, a holy catholic and monastic reformer of the sixteenth century. A major figure of Christian spirituality, she was the first woman recognised as doctor of the Church. “But she is also an excessive woman, very modern. I had the opportunity to discover The Interior Castle, a mystical writing. My project for Jehay, the cage which first interrogated the absence of a stolen inheritage has become the representation of the Interior Castle." And quoting Teresa of Avila "I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal."
"Now let us return to our beautiful and charming castle and discover how to enter it. This appears incongruous: if this castle is the soul, clearly no one can have to enter it, for it is the person himself: one might as well tell someone to go into a room he is already in! There are, however, very different ways of being in this castle" (Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle, 1577)

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